Daily Archives: October 31, 2020


I’m invited. What can I do? You received an invitation? Great, accept it! You can of course send a ‘I’m busy’ reply. To open all invitations you received, including the ones you missed and/or rejected, go to “Invitations”. Read more

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Create a Circle

I want to create a Circle (group). Every user can create a circle. Circles are visible to every person in your organization and can be entered by every person. Tip: Use descriptive names and inform your colleagues about the Circles you created. You can mark a Circle as a favorite […]

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Keep an eye on talk time

I don’t want to prolong the conversation unnecessarily and not constantly having to check what time it is. What can I do? Breaklounge uses a sandglass meaning there is an audible indication every 10 minutes to let you know about the time elapsed. An example: If your conversation lasts ten […]

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