October 8, 2021

How to open your own Teamlounge

The way into your own Teamlounge

Opposites attract. If they meet in private life, the pairs of eyes involved will be beaming. Other things happen when users and IT administrators meet.

Users’ eyes light up as they rave about the newly discovered tool. And IT administrators? Their gaze often remains expressionless.

The reasons are well known. For users, the focus is on the benefits and features of the tool. IT administrators rate differently. For them, issues such as information security, application security, operations, maintenance, rollout and data protection are crucial. In short, from an IT administration perspective, a new tool is, well, complicated at first.

Dear IT Administrators: We have good news for you: Teamlounge makes it easy for you. We promise! We promise!

Teamlounge not require a long deployment time

The way into your own Teamlounge is easy and leaves mission-critical applications out of the equation. Once the company decides to have its own Teamlounge, we will set it up in just 30 minutes – in the company’s design if desired.

Users then only need to install the Breaklounge app from the App Store (for iOS) or Google Play (for Android) and register with their business email address. As soon as the registration is completed, your Teamounge is created in the background and is ready after a short time.

Teamlounge is easy to use

Teamlounge’s thoughtful design and intelligent user experience simplify and support informal communication and face-to-face conversations in hybrid working environments. Teamlounge promotes social interaction and knowledge sharing, and provides lively personal networks.

Why companies should strengthen and promote the personal networks of their employees? Read here why.

Users’ data is none of our business

Unlike other communication solutions, we do not care about or collect user data. Our infrastructure is located in Europe and is subject to EU laws. We also developed Breaklounge in close consultation with works councils. Teamlounge is developed in close exchange with works councils.

Teamlounge meets the requirements of a modern communication solution, both from a user and administration point of view. Teamlounge enables carefree personal conversations, promotes informal exchange and thus creates the conditions for successful work and good team spirit in hybrid working environments.