December 19, 2021

Breaklounge becomes Teamlounge

Breaklounge becomes Teamlounge

The story on the new name and what we learned about hybrid work and remote work.

The initial idea for Breaklounge was to bring the good conversations from the coffee break into the homeoffice. Many conversations later we have learned: Short conversations in between should not only be part of the break. Informal conversations are an indispensable part of our work!

Without them, we lose contact with the team and colleagues. We need the short conversations to stay close to the action. That’s why we’re turning Breaklounge into Teamlounge!

Since we work at home or remotely and can no longer simply run into each other, the informal conversations in between have become fewer. Many people don’t feel like pre-planning every social interaction or somehow fitting 10 minutes of time for a conversation into their crowded calendars.

Particularly when working remotely, we need social exchange and need to get back into conversation with each other. No matter where we work from.

Home office, remote work and hybrid working have come to stay. We are more convinced than ever: successful work and good team spirit only exist with social exchange and informal conversations – no matter where we work from and always when it suits. That’s why we need possibilities and opportunities outside of teams & co. to stay in touch and in conversation with our personal network.

That’s exactly what Teamlounge is for now!

Teamlounge is the place where you can meet people from your network. Whether you work in the office or on the move, and whenever it suits you.

How you can use Teamlounge to get the social exchange going and strengthen the communal experience:

A fluid lounge and meeting rooms

See and be seen: Just join the fluid lounge, see who’s there, and dynamically come together in groups.

Smatrt Nudging

Don’t miss any opportunities: Smart nudging via push notifications help you to not miss a good opportunity to talk.

Conversations simply on the fly

With Teamlounge, you keep moving, get away from your desk and talk to each other on the go.

Focus on your personal network

Teamlounge ensures lively, personal networks, even across team boundaries.

We tried it out ourselves. Thanks to “Ping & Connect” we meet regularly in the team lounge and talk to each other. Just give it a try. We are looking forward to your feedback!


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