October 8, 2021

Came to stay! 1 Year Breaklounge

Came to stay! 1 Year Breaklounge

One year ago today we founded it and a little later we opened it: the Breaklounge! A year in which home office and remote work have morphed from the exception to the new normal. A year in which many things have changed, not only in the Breaklounge.

The phrase “Working from home”was the start of a journey into the unknown for many more than a year ago. The return to the presence office? Somewhere far away. (At this point already the spoiler: And today, for many, the office is no longer a dream destination at all).

While the office chair and monitor found room in the luggage, personal conversation and informal exchange with colleagues had to be left behind. Even the digital communication tools that were introduced at record speed could not always help.

Companies and employees quickly recognized: Successful work and good team spirit need social exchange. And both are only conditionally available with a Teams invitation! At Breaklounge, we were – and still are – convinced: good home offices need their own space for face-to-face conversations and personal exchange.

In the first year of Breaklounge, there was a lot going on around the topics of home office, remote and new work. Many people working in different places spontaneously met for a few words in the Breaklounge. The tenor: home office and remote work are here to stay. Hybrid working environments need:

All this requires attention and care. But it’s worth the effort. Because within the personal network, employees exchange knowledge and keep themselves regularly and reliably up to date.

The time is ripe for Breaklounge. That’s why we opened it: for personal exchange and lively personal networks!

We look forward to many more years with and at the Breaklounge. Work remote. Stay in touch. Get better results.


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