February 18, 2022

Along came Teamlounge

I like to work hybrid and change between working from home and being in the office. I work in a distributed team, across different countries and time boundaries, and spend a lot of time in video meetings. It doesn’t matter where I’m connecting from.

I like that I can organize my working hours flexibly. And last but not least: In the home office, my “Get Things Done” rate is gratifyingly high.

But it’s also true that hybrid work has its downsides. There is less contact with colleagues outside one’s own team. No wonder: Running into each other at the coffee machine? Spontaneously drop by the neighbor’s desk for a quick chat?

This kind of informal communication and hybrid work don’t go together … or do they?

Fully booked calendar and little opportunity

On many days I was simply flabbergasted. Baffled by how difficult it could be to find an open spot on the calendar – for another meeting. Stunned at how difficult it was to stay up to date on what was going on in the company.

Amazed when relevant news had (not) made it across various team boundaries. And often I was relieved when I could understand things better – because I happened to run into a good colleague in the office and we could exchange ideas.

… along came Teamlounge

Along came Teamlounge. Teamlounge managed to do what Teams and co. couldn’t (and what they’re not even made for): get me talking to colleagues and my team again. When we take time for personal exchange. Without appointment, without obligation. Simply when it just fits.

What makes Teamlounge different?

Thanks to smart nudging, I take advantage of good opportunities. Quite simply, because I notice them. In Teamlounge, I can mark the colleagues with whom I would like to exchange ideas on a regular basis. Do I join Teamlounge, my personal network gets a push notification. Those who, like me, just have time and feel like talking, just join, too. As casual as stopping by your desk.

In Teamlounge, it’s see and be seen. This means that I can enter the Teamlounge lobby and see who is “on site”. With just one click, I can then spontaneously get together with others for a conversation. This way, I stay in touch with my personal network.

Teamlounge gets me moving. Teamlounge is designed for mobile use from the start. The motto is: Just get going and start talking. This is perfect for getting away from your desk and talking to each other. And best of all: Teamlounge also works on the go.

Last but not least: Teamlounge works. Teamlounge brings us together and helps to stay in touch. Thanks to nudging, we have more good opportunities to talk to colleagues again, no matter where we work from and across team boundaries.