Teamlounge: Genuine exchange, even at a distance

Our experience in managing how people work together shows: We need informal, spontaneous conversations. In order for new ideas to grow, conflicts to be resolved constructively, and to be able to develop cohesion for common goals, we need protected conversations with personal involvement. These conversations have become rarer in hybrid working environments. With Teamlounge, we create good opportunities for conversations and open up new possibilities for exchanges in personal networks.

Our Mission

Talk together. Win together.

We ensure genuine exchange in the hybrid workday through short conversations at a distance. Teamlounge helps to find the right opportunities for this. Teamlounge supports leaders to stay in touch with their team for better team spirit and successful collaboration. Teamlounge enables colleagues to develop a common understanding even at a distance and to shape conflicts constructively.

We believe that good conversations lead to good results and good community. Facilitating good conversations: That’s what we work for every day.
CEO and Founder

Marc Herling

Marc started his career as an IT entrepreneur after several years in industry. After the successful acquisition of his company by a Swedish strategic partner, he served there as VP Corporate Business Development and experienced first-hand the intricacies of distributed collaboration with offices in Stockholm, Karlsruhe and Chicago. It was the informal discussions with colleagues that enabled initiatives and ideas to be developed and a great deal of contextual knowledge to be exchanged. This was the birth of Teamlounge:
„It’s precisely the short, informal conversations that are crucial to the good functioning of companies. In a world that increasingly works at a distance, it is critical to success that these conversations continue to take place. That’s what Teamlounge enables”.

Ben has a degree in information systems, is a project manager and IT consultant – and is a passionate founder. He has founded various tech companies with a focus on app and software development, including HappyByte GmbH. With over 15 years of experience building and managing tech teams, Ben knows what it takes for decentralized teams to pull together and successfully complete projects:

“Cohesion, belonging and the good feeling of being part of a team.”


Ben Heisch

Founder and Advisor

Thomas Herling

Thomas acts as a SVP in the field of workforce management and access control, with health of international experience. As an intrapreneur, he is particularly driven by the digitization of solutions in the HR area. His knowledge and experience of the challenges of modern HR and change processes are valuable impulses for the Teamlounge development.

“In companies, success can come only from working together. This requires mutual knowledge and the will to cooperate. That’s why working remotly requires a functioning channel in which personal conversations can actually happen”.

Robert is a passionate entrepreneur and passionate about change. As an agile mastermind, he is driven by innovation, the digitalization of business models and new workspaces. Robert is CEO of esentri AG, a successful consulting firm for sophisticated digitization projects. He created the duesentrieb Lab, where innovations for the digital world are being tested and brought to life.

Founder and Advisor

Robert Szilinski


Dr. Willms Buhse

With digital leadership Dr Willms Buhse, CEO and founder of doubleYUU, brings the innovations of Silicon Valley to the board rooms. German chancellor Angela Merkel and many top managers such as Volkmar Denner (Bosch) and Carsten Spohr (Lufthansa) are among his clients. He gives lectures in Harvard, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and at German elite universities in Berlin, Munich or Hamburg.

Dr Willms Buhse is considered a pioneer of the digital elite beyond German borders. Like no other, he knows how to transfer ideas and impulses from the digital world to the reality of global companies.

Teamlounge brings the short conversations back into everyday life. More exchange, more understanding, more team spirit. Even in hybrid working environments.