Good to know

What does the readiness to talk indicator mean?

What distinguishes the call readiness display in Teamlounge from the status display used by Teams, for example? The status display in Teams informs about the availability of employees at a certain point in time, but not about whether they currently have time and desire to talk. Colleagues may be available […]

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What is a Circle?

Teamlounge circle: What is it? A circle is a virtual meeting room. You can use a Circle as a meeting room for your team. You can create and/or join a Circle to talk about a specific topic with your colleagues. Read more

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Teamlounge lobby: What is it?

There’s a lobby in Teamlounge. What does that mean? The lobby in Teamlounge is the virtual meeting place for all colleagues who just have time and feel like talking. All colleagues who are online in the Lobby, are marked with a red circle. Read more

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Missed Invitations

I missed an invitation. What can I do? First the most important: Be happy that a colleague wanted to talk to you! You can invite the colleague yourself, right away or during your next break.

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Keep an eye on talk time

I don’t want to prolong the conversation unnecessarily and not constantly having to check what time it is. What can I do? Breaklounge uses a sandglass meaning there is an audible indication every 10 minutes to let you know about the time elapsed. An example: If your conversation lasts ten […]

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