"Our work results are very good, even if we work remotely."

Teamwork, knowledge transfer and cohesion in hybrid working environments need personal exchange and lively networks. Teamlounge creates the necessary spaces and opportunities.

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"Actually, remote work works quite well. But..."

Our team lacks the face-to-face conversations for cohesion and personal exchange.

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"It just doesn't work."

Current communication solutions are not made for informal conversations. Teamlounge is specifically designed for exchange in hybrid working environments.

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"We are a strong team, even working remotely."

Team leadership and team bonding are based on cohesion and good communication. With Teamlounge, employees stay connected despite physical distance.

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"We always have good ideas, even working remotely."

Innovations emerge and grow through personal exchange. Teamlounge keeps employees talking to each other so that companies can stay competitive.

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Teamlounge: More "We" for remote work and hybrid working environments

Work together. Stay in touch. Win together.

A lot of freedom, more flexibility: These are the promises of hybrid work models! But at the same time, they make social exchange, building and maintaining personal networks, and informal communication more difficult.Many of the familiar communication channels used for knowledge transfer, experience sharing and team spirit fall silent when working remotely. Companies therefore need new tools and methods to prevent silos, to strengthen employee loyalty to the company, and to strengthen and maintain personal relationships and networks.

Hybrid work: What moves us


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In a survey by the Adecco Group, around two-thirds of respondents stress the importance of face-to-face meetings with the team.

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According to a Harvard Business Review study, remote employees communicate 80% less than on-site employees.

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According to Fraunhofer IAO, 55% of managers see maintaining informal communication and retention as a major challenge.

Better with Teamlounge

With Teamlounge, companies create the conversation opportunities that are important for innovation, collaboration and social exchange, as well as the virtual spaces where employees can meet and share ideas. Whether remotely, in a home office, on the road, or in an on-site office.

Features specifically for social exchange

A fluid lounge and meeting rooms

See and be seen: Just join the fluid lounge, see who's there, and dynamically come together in groups.

Smart Nudging

Don’t miss any opportunities: Smart nudging via push notifications help you to not miss a good opportunity to talk.


Conversations simply "on the fly": Keep moving, get away from your desk and talk to each other on the go.

Focus on your personal network

Teamlounge connects colleagues and helps them stay in touch. Colleagues get to talk to each other again, regardless of where they work from and across team boundaries.

Used by digital pioneers

Our customers are innovative and successful companies with a clear strategy for ttomorrow's working world.

It’s time for new ideas and concepts

Inspiration for the hybrid working world

Teamlounge is more than just a mobile app. In the team lounge, colleagues meet for brief conversations, keeping them close to the action and their teams.

Be inspired.

Teamlounge gets the social exchange going, even when working remotely.

Get to know Teamlounge without obligation and test it together as a team!