Just keep connected.

On the move. Remote. In the office.

Teamlounge uses intelligent networking functions to get employees to communicate with each other and to create good opportunities for informal exchange – automatically, without scheduling and without social obligation.


Teamlounge. Keep Connected.

Hybrid work works. Only the video conferencing platforms used do not work for social exchange. On the contrary: Teams, Slack and Co. create a flood of appointments and messages. The result: Constant reading and writing, silence in the corridors of the hybrid working world..

With Teamlounge, personal conversations work at a distance!

Why Teamlounge works

A better 'we feeling' at a distance!

Connectedness happens when we talk, share experiences, exchange ideas. Connecting conversations don't need an on-site presence or regular appointments. They just happen.

Good opportunities the smart way!

The intelligent network engine helps to keep in touch with the personal network. Leaders remain accessible to their team, even if