„As a leader, I keep the door open for my team even when I'm working remote.“
Signal opportunities for conversation, even at a distance.
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"Even when working from home, I can stop by someone's desk for a chat."
Have informal conversations and stay in touch.
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"According to Teams, always 'busy.' We just can't find an opportunity for a short conversation."
Use spontaneous opportunities spontaneously with Teamlounge.
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"I stay in touch with my network, not just my direct team."
Stay in touch with your personal network with Teamlounge.
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Talk together. Win together.

Short conversations for better exchange and good collaboration, even for hybrid work.

Flexibility and time efficiency are the positive promises of hybrid work. But leaders and employees have fewer opportunities to talk informally with each other. Spontaneous opportunities for this, like at the coffee machine, do not exist when working from home. As a result, knowledge transfer, common understanding and team spirit suffer. Companies need a solution that promotes good contact and exchange with spontaneous conversations, breaks down silos and strengthens relationships.

Hybrid work: What moves us


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Of leaders are concerned that informal communication will be neglected in home office.

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Of hybrid employees have fewer work “friendships” since going hybrid or remote.

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The interviewees confirm that the networking of colleagues has become worse.

Better with Teamlounge

The intuitive mobile app for smartphone and browser brings back the spontaneous informal conversations! No matter whether working remote, from home or in the office on site. Teamlounge accomplishes what other tools can’t: Signal conversation opportunities with intelligent notifications. Simply walk by the desk virtually and see if a conversation is a good fit right now. Leaders can use Teamlounge to signal an “open door” for their team, even at a distance, thanks to smart notifications.

Features specifically for social exchange

Teamlounge as virtual meeting space

Seeing who is there and spontaneously coming together in changing constellations of conversation.

Create opportunities in a smart way

Intelligent nudging via push messages creates good opportunities.

Simply everywhere

Independent from the desk and ready for good occasions in a flash.

100% Privacy

So that personal things remain personal.

Used by digital pioneers

Our customers are innovative and successful companies with a clear strategy for ttomorrow’s working world.

It’s time for new ideas and concepts

Inspiration for the hybrid working world

Teamlounge is more than just a mobile app. In the team lounge, colleagues meet for brief conversations, keeping them close to the action and their teams.

Be inspired.

Along came Teamlounge

Hybrid work has its downsides. There is less contact with colleagues outside one’s own team. Informal communication and hybrid work don’t go together … or do they?

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Teamlounge brings the short conversations back into everyday life. More exchange, more understanding, more team spirit. Even in hybrid working environments.