Poor team spirit when working hybrid?

Teamlounge for social exchange and high quality interaction. Informal conversations like in the office, spontaneous and incidental.

Teamlounge - Keep Connected.

Hybrid work works. But social exchange and personal conversations don’t work with Teams, Slack & co. There’s silence in the corridors of the hybrid working world.

The bond within the team and the sense of belonging decrease rapidly.

The lack of active exchange prevents new ideas and innovation.

Poor employee networking leads to the return of silos.

Teamlounge is the Hybrid Work App that creates good opportunities and shared spaces for informal exchange thanks to intelligent networking engine. The app helps you stay in touch with your personal network. Teamlounge takes care of finding good opportunities for you, unobtrusively and without disturbing.

Why Teamlounge works

Good opportunities the smart way!

The intelligent network engine helps to keep in touch with the personal network. Leaders remain accessible to their team, even if they are rarely on site together.

Easy as in the coffee kitchen!

A common meeting place for conversation on the side. Without a meeting link, without an appointment. Just get together, see who's there and talk spontaneously.

Just talk. No obligation.

Teamlounge is all about informal conversation on the side. Whenever it fits. The next good opportunity is sure to come.

Good opportunities 'to go'!

The intuitive mobile app provides maximum freedom of movement and flexibility for face-to-face exchanges and spontaneous social micro-meetings.

How does Teamlounge work? Take a look!

What makes Teamlounge different

Teamlounge: Lively exchange for hybrid work environments.

The personal network, shared values and trust are the glue that holds organizations together. With Teamlounge, you leverage and activate the social capital in your company, increase innovation and create a vibrant hybrid work culture.