July 25, 2021

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Hybrid woorkforce models and personal networks

How companies can use Breaklounge to support and strengthen their employees’ personal networks

The fact that good personal networks are important in the working world is admittedly not an exciting lead story. In times of hybrid workforce models, however, companies should not take personal networks for granted. On the contrary: in the new world of work, personal networks need two things above all: attention and care.

The personal network offers more than just good contact opportunities. Within the personal network, employees exchange knowledge and keep themselves regularly and reliably up to date. This is why promoting and strengthening personal and, above all, living networks is becoming increasingly important for companies to be able to innovate sustainably.

So there are plenty of good reasons for strengthening personal networks. Many companies are still structured according to a traditional linear organizational principle. Decisions are either made “on top” and move “top down” where they are then executed. Or companies rely on the principle of self-organization and teams that act as autonomously as possible. The teams or the experts with the necessary detailed knowledge should decide for themselves what is right or what should be done.

In a working world shaped by digitalization and knowledge work, things couldn’t be more different.

Today, things are constantly in flux. The almost inexhaustible stream of data on which the decisions made are based flows non-stop. Decisions made and priorities set change and are adjusted.

Employees need personal networks for informal exchange

To remain creative, innovative and up-to-date under these conditions, employees need their tried-and-tested personal networks and the informal exchange of knowledge and experience they facilitate. Because new ideas only sprout where people get into conversation with each other.

The importance of these vibrant personal networks became abundantly clear during the Corona pandemic. The collaboration tools and video conferencing tools provided could not prevent feelings of isolation and disconnectedness among many employees.

And with noticeable consequences for the companies: Without social exchange and the opportunity to keep their own network alive, to strengthen and expand it (e.g., through chance encounters and spontaneously initiated conversations), silos shot up and teamwork and team spirit deteriorated.

Silos are poison for the new hybrid working world. Because digitization, the increasing amount of information (which has to be distributed ever faster within the company) and the “new normal” of working remotely with customers, partners and colleagues in hybrid work models – all this only works in and with functioning networks.

How companies can strengthen personal networks with Breaklounge

✔ Create spaces and opportunities for conversations and informal exchange

In Breaklounge you can create rooms both for your own team, but also on specific topics (e.g. trends and developments affecting the company). A Circle on a specific topic, for example, is open to all colleagues interested in the topic. In this way, cross-functional exchange can be enabled and promoted.

✔ Bring together colleagues who are interested in exchange

Supposedly simple things, like spontaneously getting into conversation with each other, have to be solved remotely in a different way. Specialized communication solutions such as Breaklounge provide support. The special feature of Breaklounge: When a user enters the Breaklounge lobby, he can be sure to meet colleagues there who also have the time and desire for a personal conversation.

✔ Finding the right moment and the right partner for a conversation

Whoever is in the lobby is signaling: I’m up for a conversation. This ensures that a conversation at that moment is not perceived as a disturbance, but as valuable. Since users can see which colleagues are also in the lobby when they enter it, they can select suitable conversation partners in a targeted manner.


With the rise of hybrid work models and remote work, nurturing and building your personal network are more important than ever. The ability to keep personal networks alive and strong in hybrid work environments is becoming a critical success factor for companies.

With Breaklounge, companies increase the quality of communication and promote informal exchange between employees.


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