Teamlounge enables informal communication in remote work environments.

Teamlounge is designed to meet the needs of modern businesses and remote work environments. Consistently focused on informal communication, Teamlounge offers a variety of features to make remote work more human and inclusive – and to increase efficiency and productivity.

Feature overview

Teamlounge ist an easy-to-use mobile app. The app is available for iOS and Android and can be downloaded directly from the App Stores. The app shows the willingness to talk of all users. Users who have time and desire to talk can easily start talking.

Circles and Teams

Employees with common interests can meet in Circles. This makes it easier to find the right people to talk to.

Social Engine

The social engine ensures regular exchange and selection of the right talking partners

Communication Methods

Teamlounge supports different conversation situations when working in a team.

Interaction Trigger

Triggers ensure regular and event-related communication.

Cooperation and Context

The right conversations at the right time - enabled by Teamlounge.

Security and trust

Teamlounge does not store any personal data about conversations and content and is based on German data protection guidelines.

Reminder and integration

Employees use so-called bells to control their willingness to talk. Other specific features promote the integration of all employees.

Simple and sophisticated user guidance

Everything starts with a little "nudge". Conversations are automatically initiated either by an employee using the app or by the app's integrated social engine. The matching layer ensures the best time and/or topic to talk about. This creates valuable personal one-to-one conversations or inspiring team rounds.

Teamlounge does not replace collaboration tools but is a meaningful complement.

  • Matchmaking dependent on willingness to talk and the need to talk
  • Strengthen social bonds, sense of togetherness and mutual trust within the team
  • Dedicated channel for informal conversations (two-person and group conversations) to exchange contextual, undocumented knowledge
  • Support productivity and willingness to cooperate by building social ties and creating understanding for each others views
  • Focus on team spirit and cohesion by strengthening the “we-feeling” and developing common perspectives
  • Focus on work outputs and result-oriented cooperation
  • Support productivity by structuring the flow of news and information
  • Conversations by appointment
  • Focus on support of work processes
  • Written conversations cannot replace in-person conversation
  • Asynchronous communication with a latency, replies can arrive too late
  • Popular means to avoid direct communication
  • “Compressed” communication: a separate message for each individual action
  • Continuous (endless) and confusing stream of messages without “beginning and without end
  • Risk of misunderstandings due to figurative nature (emoticons, emojis and so on) and due to the use of abbreviations
  • Unintentional “archiving” of messages in the message stream of all call participants

Signing up for Teamlounge is a breeze: once the organization is approved for use, users can register with their business email address and get started.

Teamlounge can be fully integrated into existing video conferencing solutions, including telephone. Teamlounge uses the GDPR-compliant open source video solution Jitsi.

  • Teamlounge is compliant to GDPR and does not collect personal data.
  • The rollout of Teamlounge does not affect any business critical applications.
  • Teamlounge is secure and reliable.

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