Made for the hybrid working environments

Teamlounge offers innovative features for social exchange in hybrid working environments. With Teamlounge, companies improve opportunities for informal communication, strengthen networking and promote the exchange of knowledge and experience.

Smart Nudging: Seizing good opportunities


Hold spontaneous conversations from desk to desk even when working from home

Clarify facts and positions in short, relaxed conversations

Finding ideas together, understanding contexts and deepening collaboration

Hybrid Leadership

Showing presence as a leader in hybrid working environments

Signal availability and willingness to talk (virtual open door policy)

Activate and stimulate informal communication channels

Fluide Meeting Space: See and be seen


Company-wide virtual meeting space

Spontaneous conversations without appointment and without obligation

Cross-functional communication through dynamic discussion groups

Topic Circles

Provide virtual topic and/or interest specific discussion groups

Breaking down existing communication silos

Easy finding of suitable conversation partners for knowledge sharing and sharing experiences

Mobile Simplicity Consistently simple and mobile

Perfect for short talks on the go

Available as mobile app and desktop browser version

100% Privacy: For sure.

No collection, storage or analysis of user and application data

No recording of conversations held

GDPR compliant

Teamlounge brings the short conversations back into everyday life. More exchange, more understanding, more team spirit. Even in hybrid working environments.