Good opportunities can be made

At Breaklounge we are convinced: good home office is lively, social and a space where informal conversations with colleagues are not only possible, but actually happens.


That, in a nutshell, is the goal we set for ourselves with Breaklounge. With every idea and feedback we implement, we get closer to the social home office.


Over the past few weeks, many people have met their colleagues in the break lounge, talked to each other, exchanged knowledge and spun ideas. Most importantly, they have gained experience on what constitutes a “good time to talk” for them.


We want to share the most important experiences for a better home office on our blog. After all, a good home office concerns us all! ????


Let’s start with experience number one: spontaneous conversations with colleagues are great. Time slots in the calendar create even more opportunities for good exchanges! Our calendars reflect our everyday lives. They’re great at showing us which topics we discuss when in which meetings.


These 15 minutes are ideal for talking to each other about our own work, reflecting on current events, and learning interesting and interesting facts from other departments.


Such conversations are made possible by the Breaklounge: colleagues can simply meet in the Breaklounge Lobby or directly in a Breaklounge Circle (a virtual discussion group on a specific topic).


A conversation just doesn’t fit into your daily schedule? No problem, because the exchange is based on voluntariness and several dates are reserved in the work week for conversation opportunities.


At Breaklounge, we call these 15-minute conversation opportunities ExchangeTime. Not only does it fit into any calendar, but it also ensures that personal conversations don’t get lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. ExchangeTimes have their fixed place in the calendar. However, the choice of conversation partner and topic remains your own decision, depending on your current needs.


Our tip: Use ExchangeTime so that home office feels good and collaboration works in the long run!


Our next blog post is about “real” stand-ups and how Breaklounge brings back lost momentum and focus into these meetings.