Teamlonge ensures productive and effective collaboration


Teamlounge makes informal communication easy. Sophisticated design, intelligent user guidance and always the focus on the most important thing: the social interaction


Teamlounge is made for enterprises. Unlike other solutions, data is not collected. The infrastructure is located in Europe and is subject to EU laws. Teamlounge was developed in close consultation with works councils, making it unique among communication solutions.


Teamlounge was designed with people at the center. The sole purpose of Teamlounge is to enable social exchange and personal conversations despite spatial distance.

The new normal in working life is mobile and flexible in location

Not only the younger generation has concrete demands and needs for “New Work”. To make it easier for all employees to work from home and collaborate across locations, businesses need digital solutions that help overcome barriers, difficulties and physical distance.

Teamlounge enables everyone to build stable and lasting networks, to create social proximity despite physical distance and supports onboarding processes for new employees.

Teamlounge createa a motivating, lively work in remote environments

Remote work does make work efficient and cost-saving. However, motivational, interpersonal and informal aspects fall by the wayside. Studies now suggest that more than 30% of relevant information is lost in remote environments. Employees feel less informed, hung up and demotivated. With Teamlounge, you get a tool to compensate this information loss, strengthen employee loyalty and bring remote work to life.

The right combination is paramount

Teamlounge uses two concepts to guide the conversation. On the one hand, the classic spontaneous conversation aimed at social exchange, such as at the coffee machine. Just 15 minutes twice a week creates a better bond and team spirit. On the other hand, the set, more formal exchange on important but personalized information, such as that which takes place at luncheons. Combining these two forms of conversation in one app is not only unique, but provides the best framework for social exchange in remote environments.

Breaktime (Socialize)

Opportunity Driven

Open Topics

"Feel Better"


Fixed Time Reminder

Open Partners

"Get Better"

Teamlounge focuses on people and teams.

The office in not only a place in which tasks are completed. It’s a place where people meet each other and where social networks are formed. The shared break, the chance meeting at the coffee machine and the spontaneous conversation with colleagues can transform an activity previously perceived as unimportant into something meaningful.Informal conversations are essential. More and more companies are realizing that they need to create communication channels that their remote employees can use to share professional experiences and learnings.

Teamlounge promotes modern leadership

Leaders face the greatest challenges in remote work environments, according to recent studies. The perceived loss of control and a much more tightly scheduled work schedule lead to strong reservations about the home office. At the same time, managers have very few options available to them to address this problem. With Teamlounge you give your managers a tool with which they can live a modern way of leadership with the employees. More socially oriented, spontaneous and approachable. This increases not only employee motivation and work performance, but also management satisfaction, which not only prevents churn.

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