July 4, 2021

Cohesion and collaboration in hybrid workforce models

Remote Work is the future: What employees think

It doesn’t take an oracle to get a glimpse of the working world of tomorrow. Now that home office and remote work have become established in many companies due to the Corona crisis, many people want to continue working from home or remotely several days a week.

TLDR: Many employees want a hybrid work model even after the pandemic, but fear increasing alienation from their colleagues. With Breaklounge, companies improve cohesion and collaboration in remote work environments.

For good reasons. Remote work and home office offer more flexibility, more possibilities for shaping and the freedom to adapt work to one’s own needs and circumstances.

Almost 90% of the 1,500 executives surveyed by staffing services provider Robert Hall for the study “Labor Market Report 2021 – Recruiting Trends for Companies” [LINK] are convinced that hybrid workforce models (i.e., a mix of remote work and time spent in the office) will be the norm in the future.

However, hybrid working also means new challenges that companies and employees have to face. It is true that companies have invested a lot in digital infrastructure and new collaboration solutions. But remote work is more than just the same work processes, just from home.

Many people are concerned about the post-pandemic workplace. For a study, the management and strategy consultancy McKinsey asked employees about their expectations, wishes and fears regarding remote work [LINK]. One key finding: many employees worry about increasing alienation from their colleagues and the resulting negative consequences:

“Employees also fear […} that remote work will reduce community and collaboration between colleagues.”

Companies that want to implement a hybrid working model that is good and successful for everyone need new recipes and methods to strengthen cohesion and collaboration in a hybrid working world. This requires spaces and opportunities for informal conversations and social exchange.

Breaklounge offers many opportunities for this. Our solution puts people first and has exactly one goal: to enable social sharing and enables informal conversations in hybrid workforce models.


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