Working from home is a great success
but with pitfalls.

The new normal also brings many questions, expectations and requirements.

For many companies home office is a positive evolution. Reservations such as decreasing productivity or loss of control have vanished. Companies receive a lot in return from their empolyees in shape of self-discipline and self-organisation. Nevertheless, the new work reality still poses challenges:

The New Reality

Breaklounge sets a focus on people and the team

The office in not only a place in which tasks are completed. It’s a place where people meet each other and where social networks are formed. The joint break, the chance to meet at the coffee machine and an spontaneous informal conversation can transform a task which is perceived as irrelevant into something meaningful.

Informal talks are essential. More and more businesses are recognising the importance of creating communications channels that their employees can also use in home office in order to exchange professional experiences and ideas.

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Breaklounge does not replace collaboration tools but is a meaningful complement.

Microsoft Teams, Slack and so on focus on work output and structured collaboration within a group and not on team spirit and cohesion.

Today, most collaboration and teamwork tools are mainly used to enable decentralized teams to work together on projects. They are all powerful and combine various functions, e.g. for real-time communication, distribution and provision of documents and information, and task planning including reporting.

Collaboration tools fail to deliver when it comes to a critical aspect of teamwork: to establish mutual trust and to encourage the willingness to cooperate.

Breaklounge helps to exchange undocumented knowledge and to strengthen personal relationships and ties which are essential for successful teamwork.

Breaklounge brings the people in a team together without time pressure and time-limit constraints. But when they have time and are in the mood for it.

Flexibility is key

The new normal in working life is mobile and flexible with regards to location

Not only the younger generation has concrete demands and needs for “New Work”. To make it easier for all employees to work from home and collaborate across locations, businesses need digital solutions that help overcome barriers, difficulties and physical distance.

Breaklounge enables everyone to build stable and lasting networks, to create social proximity despite physical distance and supports onboarding processes for new employees.

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You can
always count on us

Breaklounge is an easy to use app for the smartphone. The app is available for iOS and Android and can be downloaded directly from the App Stores. With the app, users are shown the willingness of other users to talk and can communicate via video call. Breaklounge uses the DSGVO-compliant open source video solution Jitsi.
Registration in Breaklounge is very easy: As soon as the organization is activated for use, users can register with their business email address and get started.

Breaklounge can be fully integrated into existing video conferencing solutions, including telephone.

The first coffee is for free.

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