April 11, 2021

New Breaklounge feature: Circle Bell

Stay up to date? Hearing what’s going on in other teams? Not always easy for colleagues who do not work on site in the office.

Because they can’t meet up with Peter, Simone and the others in the coffee kitchen to put their heads together, exchange ideas or chat about the weekend on Monday.

TIP:Activate a ‘Circle Bell’ for the Circles that are important to you! This keeps you up to date and close to your colleagues.

In the Breaklounge, you can use a Circle to have your own space for conversations with your team. You can also start a Circle on a specific topic or theme to talk to interested and like-minded colleagues.

The ‘Circle Bell’ provides your ‘good time to talk

So that you can also experience the random opportunities and encounters with your colleagues in the home office, we have integrated the ‘Circle Bell’ function into the Breaklounge app.

With a ‘Circle Bell’ you stay up to date with the topics and groups that are important to you. You can define Circles for which you want to be notified when a colleague enters the Circle.

With a ‘Circle Bell’ you make sure that you don’t miss any good opportunities for a personal conversation.

TIP: The ‘Circle Bell’ should support you and not disturb you. Therefore, you can set the notifications to suit you.


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