April 6, 2021

New feature: Discover Invite

Anyone who works from home knows these situations: Eyes fixed on the monitor, fingers motionless over the keyboard.

Because we’re just wondering how Peter is doing and because it would be nice to talk to him again when we get a chance.

Let’s talk a bit when it fits!

Perfectly made for this is the new feature ‘Discover Invite’ of the Breaklounge app. It helps you to talk to each other – when it suits you and Peter.

And this is how it works:

With a ‘Discover Invite” you send Peter an invitation to talk, directly in the Breaklounge app, without an appointment. Thanks to the ‘Discover Invite” Peter knows that you would like to talk to him on occasion. If Peter has time and feels like it, he can just come to the Breaklounge lobby. The Breaklounge app will notify you as soon as he enters it.

Of course, the reverse works the same: If you come into the lobby, the Breaklounge app sends Peter a message. The ‘Discover Invite’ guarantees your ‘good time to talk”- because you both have the time and desire to talk.

Send a ‘ping’ if you want it to be direct

Of course, we have also thought of the spontaneous moments: You are in the lobby right now and feel like talking to Peter? Then send him a ‘ping’ directly from the lobby. With a ‘ping’ you invite him to come to the lobby and talk to you.


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