Why Teamlounge?

A good working relationship in hybrid working environments

No matter whether remote, working from home or working at the office: Talking to your team and colleagues keeps you close to the action. In everyday work, we need the short, informal conversations in between.

More 'We' for Home Office and Remote Work

A lively personal exchange is the basis for a professional work experience and a vibrant corporate culture. Informal conversations are indispensable for cohesion and collaboration.

of executives surveyed
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… fear that informal communication is neglected when working from home.

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… said they had lost their sense of belonging to the company.

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… and managers surveyed say communication silos are now more common.

Lively social exchange for hybrid working environments.

Smart Nudging: Seizing good opportunities

Teamlounge’s special feature is smart nudging, which supports employees in strengthening and maintaining contact with their personal network. It’s as informal and casual as stopping by a colleague’s desk!

Using Teamlounge’s ping, selected colleagues are informed via push notification as soon as one is in the Teamlounge. They are then free to decide whether they would also like to come and join. Informal conversations just happen without being planned in advance. Whenever it just fits.

Fluid Meeting Space: see and be seen

The Teamlounge lobby is the fluid meeting space in the company for employees who take time for direct and personal exchange. The special feature: Those present can see who is in the lobby and can spontaneously get together for conversations.

In this way, companies promote a lively culture of conversation and facilitate exchange between different groups and teams.

Talking to each other: Just get going and get away from your desk

Teamlounge brings change and movement into the home office. Not all calls have to be made “stationary” on the computer. Teamlounge is consistently designed for easy and mobile use. Whether during a short walk in between or on the road: Teamlounge activates and motivates to talk to each other. And if you do need to use Teamlounge on your computer, there’s the Teamlounge web app.

Focus on the personal network: trust, proximity and belonging

Personal networks contribute significantly to job satisfaction. In hybrid working environments, employees’ personal networks need special attention and care – especially communication with colleagues who are not part of the daily regular communication.

With Teamlounge, companies make it easier for their employees to reconnect and stay in touch with each other.

Teamlounge brings the short conversations back into everyday life. More exchange, more understanding, more team spirit. Even in hybrid working environments.